2019 New Style Embedded Fixing Magnet - Shuttering Magnets Adaptor – Saixin

SXA--S series adapter with magnets are match with 2100kg magnet box, can be used in most any steel formworks.   You can reference our pictures , it is customized and only matched 2100 magnet box, it provides enough magnet, when you place order, we will ship all the prefect goods for you. The adapter system offers countless application possibilities.  Special tailor-made adapters on the basis of your individual requirements can be matched perfectly to our standard magnets as well. You can check our design as below pictures, it is very strong and provide 4pcs magnets that ensure enough magnetic force. Of course, we can accept customized including size/shape/magnetic force. As an professional magnet factory, we can do our best to meet your demand, welcome to contact us any time.