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SXY-7175  Precast Concrete Embedded Anchor Plate Magnet

  Anchor plate is widely used in the production of concrete prefabricated components in Southeast Asian countries. Normally the anchor plate is embedded on the edge of the precast concrete wall, and providing the link function that weld two walls connection with 90 degrees.   During precast concrete elements production, some steel anchor plates need to be fixed in the precast concrete walls. This magnetic item is specially developed and produced to fix anchor plates.   SXY-7175 Anchor plate magnet is composed of rubber, iron and magnet. The item is magnetized on both sides, one side is fixed on the specified position of the table, the other side is fixed with anchor plate, the high holding force of the magnets can ensure that the iron plate does not slid and slip during the production process of the component. The rubble parts can be customized in any size to be suitable for most sizes of the anchor plates. So that the production of the component is more accurate and the defective rate is reduced.   We have a professional technical design team that can customize various magnetic fixtures for the production of prefabricated components according to the actual needs of customers.¬†If you have any difficult production problems, please contact us. We will provide professional solutions of magnetic fixing to precast concrete industry.