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Rubber Magnetic Chamfer Strips   You can easily use them to form chamfer if the shuttering has no chamfer design. Compare with the steel magnetic strip, rubber magnetic chamfer strip is much lighter and can be rolled up, so it is more convenient for use in manufacturing,The price is much cheaper than steel chamfer. The lead time is shorter because of simple production. Standard size: 8*8mm,10*10mm,15*15mm,20*20mm  Special size are available on request! The rubber magnetic chamfer strip is used to generate chamfering in the process of precast concrete, if chamfer is needed in the use of non-chamfering formwork, the chamfer magnetic strip can be bent. In fact, With the development of science and technology, our industrial production and life become more and more simple and easier. In the construction industry, you can used it, only make it suck on the steel table surface, when the precast concrete is made the shape, and with the long time placed on metal table, it will overflow the water from concrete, so it is time to use the rubber or metal magnetic chamfer, all the water will drop into the middle of the magnetic chamfer, and slip out of the center groove. According to the customer demand, we can produce the different size and shape, and it is ok that no groove in the middle of rubber magnetic chamfer strips, so we all the products can be customized, even if you can not provide the drawing of magnetic chamfer. Our team will help you to solve all the question, providing the drawing and than express the sample until you can meet it, all the products will be produce in the end. Thanks in advance and welcome to visit to our factory, we are good at these products, and it is pleasure to give the good service.