China wholesale Insert Magnet - 86# Electrical-Box Insert Magnet Precast Concrete Embedded Electrical-box Fixing Magnets – Saixin

Product Description
SXY-7172 electric box magnets is designed to make the hole in the panel for electric box when we produce the precast concrete. SAIXIN electrical box magnets have been used in the precast concrete industry. Our products offer long-term reliability and cost effective solutions for the precast industry. With our rich experiences, almost any shape can be achieved. Easy insertion and removal of the electrical boxes assures efficient and streamlined work processes. Once the powerful magnet is in place, it stays put. No slipping, no sliding. The magnets for conduits leave a recess in the concrete after removal. This product is our new products through repeated modification and testing by R&D department, the bottom of the magnet with a unique hexagon design, preventing the electrical box slip, loose and out off mould pallet.
SAIXIN® insert magnet is made of permanent neodymium magnets, combining with steel, rubber or nylon can be made almost any shape to fix embedded part in precast concrete production. As using, the magnetic surface fix on the platform or steel shuttering, another side fix the embedded part, because of the high suction force, the embedded part can stay accurately in the precast concrete element. SAIXIN ® series insert magnets products with the advanced magnet protection system, can effectively protect the magnet from corrosion from outside material, improve the abrasion resistance, then improve the service life of the magnet.
Maintenance And Safety Guidelines
(1) In order to avoid the insert magnet damaging, do not crash and use hard tools to knock it. (2) The touching surface should be kept clean and smooth. (3) After using, clean the insert magnets. Max working and storage temperature should be below 80℃,and no corrosive medium around.