Chinese wholesale Inserted Fixing Magnet - Precast Concrete Embedded Corrugate Pipe Fixing Magnets – Saixin

For fixing corruage pipes in precast concrete production. Special sizes available on request! SAIXIN insert magnets series are designed and developed for various embedded parts of precast concrete. During precast concrete production process, we need to embed various switch holes, pile holes and connection or lifting sockets. Using SAIXIN insert magnets to fix the embedded parts, magnets secure the parts against sliding and slipping. Our product are durable, cost-saving, easy-to-use and efficient. The metal corrugate pipe magnet is specially designed for fixing the matal corrugate pipe in the production of precast components. Based on the principle of rubber expansion, the rubber column lightly adheres to the inner wall of being stressed, and the fixing magnet that at the bottom is adsorbed on the mould pallet, so as to achieve the purpose of fixation. According to the expansion degree of the rubber column, one rubber column can be used for different sizes of metal corrugate pipe, which greatly saves the using cost.