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SX-CZ100 is designed for fixing embedded threaded bushing in precast concrete production. The force can be customized, suitable for special requests on the holding force. Using SAIXIN insert magnets to fix the embedded parts, magnets secure the parts against sliding and slipping. Our products are durable, cost-saving, easy-to-use and efficient. Special size and Shape are available on request! When you place order, we will arrange workers to finish packaging, and on the outside of box will be covered waterproof cloth, ensure all the products that by shipped are perfect. So you do not worry, as factory we can provide good products and better service. The most important things is products quality, even if small insert magnet, we will ensure the magnet strength and fastness, it is used good glue to ensure the magnet and metal joint connection Special size and Shape are available on request, and welcome to our factory.