Factory Supply Vibrators Formwork - Shuttering Magnet Box Adaptor – Saixin

Used with our SAIXIN  shuttering magnets together, high strength, good rigidity, special edge tooth design can close engagement with the magnetic chuck , strong coupling, in under the action of external force does not produce any gap, loose, make the final concrete wallboard quality to achieve the optimal. our SAINXIN serires adapters used for the quick fixation of window and door recesses, wood shutterings, fibre concrete upstands and other shuttering elements. And this adapter can meet our SX-600,SX-800,SX-1000 magnet box. For this series adapters,we can produce more than 20000pcs/moth,in china,50% pc factory choose our SAIXIN magnet box and adapters. So we are the leading factory of magnetic products for precast concrete, not only magnetic products, but also embedded parts and machine we can produce, you can contact us any time, we will to give you Professional solutions