Factory wholesale Mass Production Magnet - Rubber Triangular Magnetic Chamfer Strip 8X8mm/10x10mm/15x15mm/20x20mm – Saixin

Rubber Magnetic Chamfer Strips   You can easily use them to form chamfer if the shuttering has no chamfer design. Compare with the steel magnetic strip, rubber magnetic chamfer strip is much lighter and can be rolled up, so it is more convenient for use in manufacturing,The price is much cheaper than steel chamfer. The lead time is shorter because of simple production. Standard size: 8*8mm,10*10mm,15*15mm,20*20mm  Special size are available on request! The rubber magnetic chamfer strip is used to generate chamfering in the process of precast concrete, if chamfer is needed in the use of non-chamfering formwork, the chamfer magnetic strip can be bent.