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Thermal Insulation connector SAIXIN insulation connectors are made of high-strength fiber composite materials, which have high tensile, shear and bending strength, large elastic modulus, good durability, excellent alkali resistance, very low thermal conductivity, and the safety factor of each layout design is more than 4.0, which is safe and reliable Please reference products process as below: Pultrusion process is a kind of method to make composite profiles continuously, which using the twistless roving with other continuous reinforced composites, polyester surface mat,ect. to proceed the resin impregnation, then go through the forming mould with same section, and make the continuous depanning after curing un the intramode. Thus, the pultrusion products come out by this automatic production process. Thermal insulation connector is used to connect two precast concrete walls, and in the middle of two walls are full of cystosepiment, Make the house keeping a temperature. So the wall and the cystosepiment are tight connected to each other. All of thermal insulation connector must enough strong for this to ensure the whole project reach the standard. As the factory, we can provide the all kinds of thermal insulation connector, because these products is cheap for one pcs, so we can provide the free samples. According to the design of products, we can produce two kinds of thermal insulation connector, including the rod type , the plate type. All of them have reach the standard, welcome to select our products. At present ,our company provide products and services for the United States, Canada,  Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Egypt etc. more than 35 countries and over 120 customers . Our Tenet: Creating Excellence, Innovation, Honesty. According to different thickness of prefabricated sandwich insulation wall, we customize products of different sizes.