Shuttering Magnet — Fixed magnetic box with precast concrete formwork in China

1.  Structure

 Made of permanent high-performance magnetic neodymium Iron Boron magnetic components, spring screw connection accessories, stainless steel 201 or 304 button, Shell Assembly.

2.  Operating principle

   The magnetic box is opened and closed by connecting the screw to the stainless steel button switch by using the adsorption force between the NDFEB magnetic core and the steel mould table. Single or double-sided bayonet design, can be directly stuck in the l-shaped angle die, the two-sided side equipped with 8.8-grade high-strength.

      Adjustable fastening screw, directly press down to fix the steel side die, thereby strengthening the connection between the magnetic box and the angle steel, effective Prevention of mold displacement.

3.  Use Method

      When in use, move the magnetic box to a suitable position that needs to be fixed, press the button to make the magnetic core tightly adsorb on the steel mould table. At the same time clamp steel clamping die, tighten the side screw. Or through other connected accessories such as pressure plate to complete the fastening, complete the installation.

When the component production is finished, it is necessary to use the professional magnetic box crowbar to pry up the button and release the magnetism of the magnetic box so as to complete the disassembly or shift of the magnetic box.

4. The connection between the magnetic box and the steel mould table is mainly of the following two types:

  1.  High-strength fastening screws are directly pressed down



       2. Extend The platen to secure


5. Performance characteristics

     STAINLESS STEEL SHELL, Super Corrosion Resistance, greatly extended the service life of the magnetic box.

     HIGH-PERFORMANCE ND-FE-B magnet, strong suction, can be firmly fixed on the steel mold, prevent edge mold displacement. In addition, ndfeb material is a permanent strong magnetic, so in principle can be used permanently, non-demagnetization (room temperature work ≤80℃ )

       By using stainless steel sleeve or epoxy glue to fill between the magnet and the iron parts, the magnet is effectively protected from the magnetic loss caused by collision and corrosion.



 450 ~ 2100kg suction, according to the actual mold needs to make the best suction magnetic box. The main suction type of domestic prefabricated component factory is 800KG stainless steel magnetic box, 1000KG stainless steel fixed magnetic box, 2100KG stainless steel magnetic box, etc. 

 7. application

      Generally used for steel mold, aluminum mold, plywood wood side mold most of the mold, placed on the steel mold production of various precast concrete components. Widely used in precast stairs, external wall panels, internal wall panels, balconies and other precast components of the production.

8.  Points for attention

        The fastening nut can not be adjusted down, otherwise the magnetic box top open joint surface too much lead to insufficient adsorption caused by edge displacement.

        The steel die surface of the magnetic box should be flat, and  cleaned up before each use. There should be no concrete residue or other particles, so as not to affect the connection between the magnetic core and the die plate, and affect the fixing strength.

        Before and after use magnet box , the contact surface of the magnetic core must be cleaned, and there must be no concrete or iron filings sticking on the surface, which will affect the adsorption force.

Clean the concrete and oil on the assembly regularly, and oil the guide bar regularly to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the core.

Do not use hammer and other hard objects, or free fall to the steel surface, otherwise the magnetic core itself strong adsorption may damage the use of the box, or even cause the magnetic core dislocation, damage the magnetic box.