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shuttering magnet-new design With the development of science and technology, our industrial production and life become more and more simple and easier. In the construction industry, building a new house is as easy as building blocks, and used short time and good quality. It is well known that the outbreak has taken place in China, the country and people are fighting against, at the moment of outbreaks occur , all kinds of materials are shipment to Wu Han, and cooperate with various departments, especially in a large number of hospital beds are needed to place patients, we focus on building two new hospitals that can accommodate 2500 beds, and these strict hospitals are finished only in 10 days, we are proud of the strength of our country and precast concrete industry. Let me introduce some knowledge about precast concrete and shuttering magnet. The new magnetic box adopts a new structural design and different way of using. At the bottom of the magnetic box, the metal column replaced the fixing screw, so that the metal column and the magnet can work independently without affect. During the switching process, only the position of the metal column needs to be adjusted, so that the magnet is not affected, avoiding to be repeated vibration damage of the magnet.With the help of the lever principle in mechanics, we can easily realize the function of the magnetic box turned on/off that only using one hand, Therefore, compared with the common magnetic box, it is more convenient, fast, and no using other tools again. So it can save cost, improve efficiency and produce better precast concrete products. It is the newest shuttering magnet design, we will apply for a patent. It represents our company's advanced technology and mature team, if you have the better idea, please contact me, we will reach your requirement