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Concrete spraying machine is an advanced product in spraying technology enabling continuous flow with minimum rebound ensuring coverage of maximum area in shortest possible time thereby increasing the overall productivity of project. concrete spraying machine is often used to spay out the finished concrete mixed with accelerator from its nozzle to the construction surface. The nozzle is installed at the outlet of the pipe and the air is compressed and the concrete is ejected. the machine is engineered with high quality wearing parts, variable displacement plunger pump, novel developed cam track and rolling body to obtain higher reliability and high concrete spaying efficiency and uniformity. Concrete spraying machine is the most importing tool, it can be used spraying wall and mix the concrete, it can be used many field, spraying function and mixing function are separate each other, because it is using industrial production, so we must ensure its quality, according to demand, mixing speed and spraying speed will be customized. SAIXIN brand concrete spraying machine used the good quality motor, we purchase from big motor factory, and all the parts will be ensure the quality, when you expect to purchase the concrete machine , please contact us and we will provide the competitive price for you. Pump type: screw pumps Motor: DC brushless motor Voltage: 380 V Power: 5 KW Max flow: 30L/min Max pressure: 50 KG convey height: 50 M