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  Magnetic steel chamfer strips have been used under difficult conditions in the precast concrete industry. Because of suction, it can be positioned firmly and accurately anywhere on the platform to make various grooves and decorative patterns. The holding force of magnetic trip is strong enough to be fixed firmly and accurately, will not be moved and deformed. It is convenient for use in precast concrete manufacturing. We can produce as per your requests.   Compare with the no magnet steel chamfer, the embedded magnets securely hold it in position, no screws, no bolts and no welding, it works more fast and convenient . Compare with the rubber chamfer, the holding force is more stronger, the chamfer can tightly fix on the platform, no slip, and the service life will better than rubber chamfer.     The triangle and trapezoid shape of magnetic steel chamfers can be produced by our company, before you place order, please send us your requirement or drawing, we can accept different shape and size, as an factory, all of your requirement can be meet. Welcome to send us your inquiry.   Standard Length: 1m, 2m, 4m Special size and lengths are available on request!